Lisk delegate monitor updated

by goforlisk

Posted on November22, 2017 at 11:06

Some cool new features have been added to the tool!

The delegate monitor has now been running for a few days. I have received some suggestions for improvement and started working on them. I will highlight the most recent features in this post. 

Rank tracking

As of yesterday, the tool also tracks changes in the rank of delegates. As with votes and approval percentage it will keep record of the full history of rank changes for every delegate.

Total votes cast by all voters

Strange enough I could not find this information in any other tool, not even the official Lisk delegate monitor. I got tipped to implement this feature and heade straight to work. The tool now shows the current total amount of Lisk balance that is being used to vote and the total amount of addresses that is currently voting. Check it out!

Graphs updated

The graphs now also show the approval % besides the already existing voted weight. 

Real approval/vote weight added

Some delegates, like Lisk ambassadors receive votes from special Lisk accounts. It may be that in the future this will change, which means that said delegates will lose the votes/approval associated with this account. To reflect this, two addition columns are added to the delegate tracker that calculate the vote weight and approval without the votes from the following accounts:

11917631413532719541L = Oliver (LiskHQ)
8201357239823655010L = Max (LiskHQ)
5726759782318848681L = Lisk Foundation
15434119221255134066L= Adviser Fund
14175575863689886451L = Bounty Fund

Want to make a donation or have a vote slot left?

Do you find the tool useful and want to make a donation? Please use address 17682500294941700766L (goforlisk). Any help is much appreciated!

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